Social ARTpreneurship for Innovative Solutions
An Erasmus+/Youth in Action Project 
15 – 22 June 2015, Barcelona, Spain

Project Co ordinator: INCA Catalunya – International Network for Culture and Arts

TENet-Gr, Athens, Greece (

The project

The project "Social ARTpreneurship for Innovative Solutions" aims at making an important contribution to thepromotion of "Social Entrepreneurship" at European level, emphasizing the possibilities that art and culturecan offer to young people, in order to improve their working conditions. The project foresees a trainingcourse to be held in LlinarsdelVallès (Barcelona, Spain) from the 15th to the 22nd of June 2015. The trainingcourse will involve 25 young people, mostly youth workers and volunteers from partner organisations,coming from Spain, Macedonia, Slovenia, Romania, Serbia, Greece, Hungary and Italy. The methodologyused during the project will be based on Non-Formal Education principles. The working methods will bebased on art and creativity, and will include games and dynamics; group cohesion activities; moments ofreflection and analysis; simulations; theatre workshops; individual and working group activities; sessions toexchange experiences and best practices; and a presentation to an external audience. It is expected that theproject will get the following results: the acquisition by young participants of new competences based on artand creativity, that will enable them to improve their working conditions, and a greater spirit of initiative; newreflections about the concept of "Social Entrepreneurship" in Europe, and the role that art and culture canhave in this sector; new "creative" solutions to the problem of youth unemployment in Europe; new networkprojects between European youth organisations. It is expected that the project will impact both directly inyoung participants, in international partner organizations and in the local community where the activities willtake place, as well as indirectly in the communities of origin of the participants, through a deep multipliereffect. In a long-term perspective, the project will promote and disseminate the use of art and creativity asprivileged working tools in educational interventions carried out by young people for young people.


Aims & Objectives:

To analyse the concept of Social Entrepreneurship.

To share good examples and practices of Social Entrepreneurship in Europe.

To promote active participation in European young people and their Social Entrepreneurship.

To empower European young people through the development and the recognition of new artistic and creative competences, supporting their professional development.

To explore creative methods in the fight against youth unemployment in Europe.

To foster social development of Europe through culture and arts.

On the other hand we want to emphasize that the practical activities proposed contain in themselves social values and meet the following specific objectives:

To develop individual values: the challenge that mean the different theatrical disciplines help us to develop the spirit of perseverance and self confidence, to improve self-esteem, to develop a sense of safety and risk, to discover our capabilities and our limits, to develop creativity.

To promote group values: the performing arts are team disciplines, where you learn that active participation, cooperation and group cohesion are essential to achieve a long-term objective.

To facilitate and develop the integration through education for diversity, solidarity and Intercultural


 Working methods: Social theatre, clown, street theatre, performative theatre. The training course is based on practical work: activities will include a very good overview and practical experience of these methods through individual work, working groups and collective group work, and at the end of the training we will realise a final performance in the hosting local community, using the techniques we will train during the course, as a result of the work done and as an important learning opportunity for participants. Each participant will end this project with ideas about how to use these tools in their future actions. A purpose for this TC is to proceed with already existing network members to follow-up plans, to exchange good practices and to prepare future quality projects.

Participants’ profile: Youth workers; youth leaders; trainers; facilitators; young artists who work in these fields: animation, street theatre, activist performance, circus, clown, social theatre, with at least 1 year of experience (professional or semi-professional).

Working languages: English, plus some Spanish and Italian.

Accommodation: The training course will take place at Guest House “HermanosMaristes” in LlinarsdelVallès (Barcelona). We will sleep in rooms of 3-4 persons.
According with the new ERASMUS+ funding rules, travel costs for selected participants are covered up to €275 (except participants from Spain); if the participant spends more than this amount, he/she has to pay the difference. Selected participants will be reimbursed during the training course. Selected participants will have to pay a participation fee of 30 euro. Costs for board, accommodation and training are fully covered by the organisers. Visa costs are 100% covered too.

SOCIAL ARTpreneurship for innovative solutions
Βαρκελώνη, ΙΟΥΝΙΟΣ 2015

Συμμετείχαν 24 άτομα( κυρίως νέοι) από τις εξής χώρες: Ελλάδα, Ιταλία, Ισπανία, Σερβία, Σλοβενία, Ουγγαρία, Ρουμανία και
(3 άτομα από κάθε χώρα)
Κατά τη διάρκεια αυτού του εργαστηρίου (7 μέρες) στην τοποθεσία Llinars del Valles (Βαρκελώνη), προσεγγίσαμε το θέμα της «Κοινωνικής Επιχειρηματικότητας».
Στην προσπάθεια μας να κατανοήσουμε τι είναι μια κοινωνική επιχείρηση, δουλέψαμε σε 5 μικρές ομάδες, με τις έννοιες :

Μέσω του brainstorming και της ανταλλαγής απόψεων, έγινε μια καταγραφή του τι μπορεί να σημαίνουν οι παραπάνω έννοιες.

Το επόμενο βήμα αυτής της προσπάθειας(μετά από 2 ημέρες) ήταν η κάθε ομάδα, αφενός να οραματιστεί και να σχεδιάσει τη δική της κοινωνική επιχείρηση, (με αντικείμενο διάφορες μορφές τέχνης), αφετέρου να παρουσιάσει σε δημόσιο χώρο (public intervention) τη «διαφημιστική» καμπάνια αυτού του εγχειρήματος.

Βασικοί παράγοντες που βοήθησαν την κάθε ομάδα να διαμορφώσει το συγκεκριμένο αντικείμενο της κοινωνικής επιχείρησης που οραματίζεται, ήταν τα βιώματα και οι επιθυμίες των συμμετεχόντων αλλά και το απόσταγμα της δουλειάς που είχε προηγηθεί στις παραπάνω 5 έννοιες.

Για την υλοποίηση της παρουσίασης σε δημόσιο χώρο, οι περισσότερες ομάδες χρησιμοποίησαν τεχνικές σωματικού θεάτρου , οι οποίες εξάλλου αποτελούσαν τον βασικό κορμό αυτού του εφταήμερου προγράμματος/εργαστηρίου.

Η ομάδα ανέπτυξε σε σύντομο χρονικό διάστημα μια καλή δυναμική, οι σχέσεις μεταξύ των συμμετεχόντων έγιναν ουσιαστικές κ πολύ ανθρώπινες.

Είναι πάντα ενθαρρυντικό και συγκινητικό να μοιράζεσαι ελπίδες, επιθυμίες, οράματα με ανθρώπους από διαφορετικές κουλτούρες!