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13th Theatre Summer Camp & Seminar 2014

26-30/8/2014 Agios Ioannis, Mt Pelion, Greece

Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network

"Sculpturing our dreams – transforming our realities:transformation through theatre”




Every participant can register in one "Main Workshop" for the whole week and also take part in the other “camp activities” included in the timetable  as Mini Workshops, presentations etc

MAIN WORKSHOP 1 (in English)

David Pammenter, Georgina Kakoudaki, Greg Naughton, Iro Potamousi

“Reclaiming the imagination and the ownership of transformation”

We will explore cultural and political transformation in our contemporary realities at the personal, social and political levels. As we examine the realities of identity and cultural control we shall re-consider our understanding and perceptions of our histories and the stolen, marginalized, or dominant histories of others.

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MAIN WORKSHOP 2: Cristina Zoniou, Nikos Govas (in Greek and English)

“Theatre Doc: expressing elements of our own culture using “verbatim” theatre techniques”

This workshop is ideal for those who are interested in theatrical “narration” and action that is based upon research of cultural identity, answering the questions “Who am I? How do I define my identity? Which are the most important elements that define me culturally?”

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MAIN  WORKSHOP 3 Maria Leonida (in Greek and English)

"Video Doc: recording traces of our culture"

This workshop aims at creating short video documentaries using elements of participants' own culture.

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MAIN WORKSHOP 4 TakisTzamarias, (in Greek)

«Game structures in Sophocles’ Antigone for teenagers»

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(in Greek)

Vassilis Koukalani, Ioulia Pyrrou, Niki Karali, Iro Michalakakou

"Children of the same land: is there space, time and ways that raise racism?"

This workshop will use the theatre play "A fest at Papadakis" by the German playwriter Volker Ludwig, which was performed in Athens as "a fest at Nourian" to investigate the raise of racism.

Read abstract in english here
ΜΑΙΝ WORKSHOP 6 (in Greek and in English)
Patricia Apergi

“we can dance everything…except from the news”

Creativity and imagination has no age limits. Dance has no age limits.  
Can I tell my story with my body? In what language?

 In this workshop we will discover our personal body language, we will talk with our bodies and will tell our stories. Then we will try to combine these stories into a unique new dance piece
using a new narrative based on our body’s memories.
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Mini Workshops (Thursday afternoon)
(free of charge, book a place upon arrival)
Stelios Vgages -playing through theatre,
Iro Potamousi-communication games,
Nikos Govas-enhanced Theatre Forum techniques
Jenny Karaviti-creative writing and theatrical body - 2in1(!)
and many more....