WORLD Drama/Theatre Education Day 27 November 2016
In Greece, celebrations have the general title:
untering New Challenges 2016: Theatre – Education – Social Intervention”
conferences –workshops-performances-project presentations

The Hellenic Theatre/Drama and Education Network (TENet-Gr) ordinary member of the International Drama/Theatre & Education Association‐IDEA invites teachers, artists, theatre studies teachers, students to participate in the celebration of the International Drama/Theatre Education Day on November 27th, as established in 2008.

Since its foundation in 1998, the Hellenic Theatre/Drama and Education Network has always aimed at providing assistance for the performing arts in order that they gain a central role in schools, and to contribute to the development of approaches and techniques, viewing theatre as an art form, as learning tool and as a tool for social intervention. All these aspects of theatre interconnect, reinforce and serve a common vision: an education that would contribute to the cultivation of creative people that would show sensitivity and empathy to what is going on in our days and they would continue to evolve and live harmoniously with one another.

For 2016, celebrations in Greece are realized with the collaboration of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Office in Greece via the programme “It could be me-It could be you”. Within the framework of the celebration members and partners of TENet-Gr will present projects with children and young people in many cities in Greece.

Special events as conference, practical theatre workshops and presentations will also take place in Athens, 26/11/2016, in Thessaloniki, 25-26/11/2016, in Corfu, 27/11/2016, in Patras, 27/11/2016, in Trikala, 19/11/2016


WORLD Theatre/Drama Education Day 27th November 2011
Dear, once again Hellenic Theatre/Drama and Education Network, in collaboration with IDEA and every pal of TiE all over the world, are celebrating World ΤιΕ Day in 27th of November
. In moral doubtful and educational providence reduction age, we insist on fighting, armed with imagination, creativity and inspiration, accompanied by our students. In such difficult days for Arts Education, while we are waiting for new decisions on new curriculums, new schools, new information, we decided to expect the updates before the organisation of  our coloquiums and established conferences. In such an update expectation, lets reminisce about Manifesto for Drama/Theatre Education, as it was composed and signed by all IDEA Europe members in their annual meeting last year in November, Athens.2011_worldTEday

Νonetheless, we insist on celebrating of World TiE Day encouraging all our members and friends to organise little or bigger actions on the occasion in their schools and groups, such as reading of texts, listening to recorded documents, happenings or whatever you can imagine. Send us your material and feedback, which will be uploaded in a special link in our site.

You can watch the performance "See you in the yard"  & a seminar with Georgina Kakoudaki and Iro Potamousi, Athens (25 November).

World TiE Day 2010

2010_worlddayTEathensConference-27 of November 2010, Athens 

«Theatre and Arts in Education: Mapping the ground, illuminating the perspectives» 

A correspondence of the conference and the round-table on «Arts Teaching and Activities in Formal Education» 

A message from Hellenic Theatre Drama and Education Network: Dear, once again we are commemorating in 27th of November the World Theatre in Education Day. November was chosen for this commemoration as the month when United Nations signed the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and the date 27th as referral to the 27th article of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, where is cited that “Everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits”.  As far as human rights are still being violated in contemporary world, Theatre in Education can provide children and youths a space where they can experiment and co-exist creatively, and dream of their own world transformation. At the same time, as an independent scientific space, it can broaden our knowledge on the crucial effect of Theatre and representative arts on such transformations. We experience difficulties, in our country too. Culture, Arts in education, Arts as an Education, playing, enjoying, creativity, collectivity and dreams seldom are they welcome. But we still insist to create the unexpected, in and out of our classes. Mainly without any support. With love and enthusiasm, we try to engrave new paths of knowledge, new routes of meeting with life and the world. But these routes have to be walked not only mentally, but also sentimentally and physically. A person who evolves holistically, with his body, his brain and his heart, is the person who can stand critically across reality, to resist any crisis and any Human and Child Rights. This is what Theatre in Education tries, to develop such personalities, in order to keep alive or hope of a better future. Let’s celebrate this year World Theatre in Education Day as a grandiose fest. Let’s organize smaller or bigger performances with our classes, let’s invite theatre personas in our schools, let’s watch theatrical plays that are offerd that day etc. Hellenic Theatre/Drama and Education Network will support the efforts of expression, meeting and communication by organizing conferences, seminars and other activities across the country (see: www.theatroedu.gr). A meeting of correspondents from 18 bodies of IDEA European Department (IDEA-Europe) will be hosted in Athens in order to develop actions on the crucial international situation and the Theatre in Education. Let’s every of us contribute in this commemoration, bodies, teachers, artists, and let’s share our ideas and our smaller or bigger actions by sending us your feedback, your wishes, photos, and messages in info@theatroedu.gr. Your contribution will be posted in our re-newed web-page  www.theatroedu.gr 

Activities of the World Theatre in Education Day are supported by: ICOM - Hellas (Hellenic National Committee of International Council of Museums ), - Academia – cultural centre. 


World Theatre in Education Day 2009
2009PagkHmeraTE27 of November 2009 World Theatre in Education Day

Conferences & seminars 20 of November - 1 of December 

Athens & Thessaloniki

Dear friends, teachers, artists, parents and  students, in 27 of November is the second commemoration of World Theatre in Education Day.  In the above link you can find offers made by theatres and museums for Network members, messages, suggestions, with material included, for actions in that day. We will be glad to receive your feedback in info@theatroedu.gr27th of November is established by IDEA (International Drama/Theatre and Education organization) as the World Theatre in Education Day. Below you can  read this years's IDEA message, in English, Greek, French and Spanish φετινό μήνυμα του IDEA

NETWORKS MESSAGE: When neither Arts nor collectivity are welcome, the obvious became to be considered as alternative. Dialogue, cooperation, collective creativity, solidarity, whatever can unite us and keep alive the hope for a more joyful life, are values which Theatre in Education tries to keep alive. With all of its shades and in combination with all other forms of Art, both inside and outside the school territory, Theatre in Education is a place of fruitful meeting of individuality with collectivity. At the same time, it is a place where one can observe all these aspects of reality, where he can become acquainted with Himself and the Other. Once, Einstein said: We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. Since then, problems are being renamed, reshaped, and increased.  But, research across the world show that youths contact with theatrical art can contribute to a culture that wars against violence, violating of human rights and destructiveness. A culture that can transform the disastrous force of imagination into a force of happiness, love and creativity.  A culture that  can be a source of critical thinking and of debate for a better worldDear friends, lets  dedicate this years World Theatre in Education Day commemoration to our creative imagination. Hellenic Theatre/Drama and Education Network will contribute to efforts of expression, meeting and communication by organizing conferences in Athens and Thessaloniki. You can find out more in this web-page.

OFFERS:  In participation with Hellenic Theatre Studies Association , theatrologists  working in schools (Elementary and Secondary) organize smaller or bigger theatrical actions to honor World Theatre in Education Day and to spread our message. At the same time, bodies like theatres, groups and museums, offer some privileges to Network members. The following offers concern members of Network, teachers and students (it depends on the genre of the play/ program). Members and teachers have to show their member-cards in theatre counters.  Prearrangement is necessary.The list is still expanding!

USEFUL IDEAS:  Hellenic Theatre/Drama and Education Network suggest to its members and friends to realize short theatrical activities with their students or groups dedicated to that day. Networks vice president, Mary Kaldi suggest activities from our Useful Material, theatrical plays and scripts on diversity,  written by students, activating exercises, suggestions for theatrical activities allocated thematically. 

In this section will be posted messages and photos that sent us members and friends about their actions on World Theatre in Education Day, 27th of November 2009.  We will create a colorful poster showing a picture of every team with their message. All of them will map a ground of actions from all over the Greece, which will colour this day  like a kaleidoscope by connecting all of us: kids and adults, viewers and protagonists in a collective  Message from FIDEA (Finland), Message from Olusum Drama Institute (Turkey) , Message from Theatre "Tsvete" (Bulgary), Message from Cedeum (Serbia), Message from BDD (Netherlands)   
Παγκόσμια Ημέρα για το Θέατρο στην Εκπαίδευση 2008
27 Novembre 2008 «A new wind of inspiration…»

(a sketch of Elvina Paschali for World Day 2008) 

Article 27 " Everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits." 

Message of Hellenic Theatre/Drama and Education Network "...We are very glad to commemorate for the first time in a universal perspective 27th of November as the World Theatre in Education Day. After multiannual efforts of Hellenic Theatre/Drama and Education Network, supported by International Drama/Theatre & Education Association-IDEA, and many other friends and collaborators from all other the world, this day is established at last, a commemoration more like a fest rather than a typical anniversary.

Wishes from Ksenia KALOGEROPOULOU: 
"On occasion of Word Theatre in Education Day I would like to make a wish: I wish every one of us, children theatre artists, teachers and drama pedagogues, to co-operate truly up until now.  I wish we will unite our powers and combine our work, in order to keep alive all those pathways that connect performance with school, school with workshop, and us with children. Ksenia Kalogeropoulou October

Message of Dan BARON-COHEN head of IDEA "..... Today we establish our day to commemorate the knowledge and the skills that constitute that unique polymorphous collaboration of Theatre in Education in our efforts of humanistic education, assurance of human rights and peace toward the world, and specifically toward young people, children and marginal groups that are still in danger.  So lets celebrate the universal transformation that is happening right now!

ANNOUNCEMENT : We would be glad to receive activities and events you did in your schools or in any place where Theatre and Representative Arts are utilized for educational purposes. As this commemoration is on the quality and singularity of the specific object «Theatre in Education», we would prefer those ideas that combine education with aesthetics and aim to a communication via Theatre, in their design as much as in their realization. We expect your ideas and suggestions!

Students, schools and bodies inspired us for many activities. School of Modern Greek of Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, in collaboration with the Film Festival of Thessaloniki and Hellenic Theatre/Drama and Education Network on occasion of this day started in Tuesday 24th of November 2008, 9.30 – 14.00 in French Institutes Arts Auditorium the materialization of a project/workshop with the title «Some memories of Greece in Manos Zacharias filmography». The program is inspired by the show Manos Zacharias Manos Zacharias: A traveler of memory held by 49th International Film Festival of Thessaloniki and hosted in French Institute of Thessaloniki Arts Auditorium. There participated 35 students of School of Modern Greek from 22 countries. Starting from visual material, they experimented on creative writing and drama activities. Executive: Paulina Grekou, philologist, drama teacher Design and facilitation of theatrical workshop: Jenny Karaviti, philologist, drama teacher pedagogue Assistants from Film Festival: Marion Iglezi, editor, Athina Kartalou, educational programs advisor   SMGL Assistant: Kalliopi Poutouroglou, philologist, cinema critique. Photos. Postmeridian Technical High School of Evosmo, Thessaloniki: students presented an improvised performance aiming, on the one hand, to show how theatre can play a crucial role in daily educational practice and, on the other, to aware students of the smoking problem (such a health awareness program is running this year in that school)
Poster, Elementary School of DELASAL sent us photos, 3rd Elementary School of Sotiras Ammochostou: posters, Students of Thessalia University created posters, 3rd High School of Acharnes: poster, Kranidio High School: event 27-11-2008, 18.00, University student Maria Plousiou sent us pictures, Leontio Senior High School of Patissia:students drawings, 13th High School of kallithea: students drawings , French Institute of Korinthos: students drawings , High School of Demenika: students drawings, 2nd High School of Glika Nera:students drawings, 2nd Elementary School of Myrina, Limnos and comedia del' arte, 17th High School of Athens and Shakespear, 5th High School of Iraklion, 127th Elementary School of Attiki: 27-11-2008 performance "THEA-ΤRΟ-HΟΣ": dramatization with speech, movement and physical musical expression of young children opinions on evolution and theatrical process- as a metaphor and as a literality, Second Chance School of Peristeri: 26&27-11-2008 student of project and theatre group will tape personal interviews about the importance and the new perspectives they found in their involvement in theatre art –material which will be added in the final group's video-diary and will be sent to IDEATREE.

EVENTS-PERFORMANCES  on occasion of World Day: Many free plays  from National Theatre, ΔΗΠΕΘΕ, etc.
  • 2008_KaragiozisAfisa
2007 World TiE Day, Athens
World TiE Day, 28/3/2007


2007 Against new challenges, Athens
"Against new challenges 2007: THEATRE-CURICULLA-NEW HANDBOOKS "
Conference Athens 3 November 2007
Athens Byzantine Museum
Free entrance
2007 Against new challenges, Thessaloniki
Conference "Against new challenges 2007: ART– EDUCATION- CREATIVITY"
Thessaloniki 21 Octomber 2007

2006 Against new challenges, Athens
Against new challenges
Conference "Arts inside and outside the class"
Athens, 11 November 2006


2006 Against new challenges, Thessaloniki
"Against new challenges" Conference
"Arts inside and outside the class"
Thessaloniki, 12 Novembre 2006

2005 Against new challenges, Athens

Against new challenges, Conference and seminar
Athens 9 Octombre 2005

2005 Against new challenges, Thessaloniki

Against new challenges, Conference and seminar

Thessaloniki 2 Octombre 2005
2004 Against new challenges, Athens

Against new challenges, Conference
Athens 16 Octombre 2004


2004, Against new challenges, Thessaloniki

Against new challenges, Conference
Thessaloniki 23 Octombre 2004

2003 Against new challenges, Athens

Against new challenges, Conference
Athens 18 Octombre 2003

2002 Against new challenges, Athens

Against new challenges, Conference
Athens 2000


2001 Against new challenges, Athens

Against new challenges, Conference
Athens 6 Octombre 2001

2000 Against new challenges, Athens

Against new challenges, Conference
Athens 7 Octombre 2000

1999 Against new challenges, Athens

Against new challenges, Conference

Athens 19 Decembre 1999