Act it out!

a Youth In Action 4.3 Project organised by Asociación Cazalla Intercultural, Spain



a Youth In Action 4.3 Project
organised by Asociación Cazalla Intercultural, Spain
Act it Out is a european Training Course (TC) for youth workers and professionals that work either in the area of youth theatre or of human rights education, or in both.
Lorca, Spain, 11-21 April 2008


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The aim of the TC is that of giving support in starting a new thematic of youth exchanges that would promote the defending and promoting of the human rights, the fighting against discrimination, racism and xenophobia through the street theatre, and that would develop the participants/ competences (knowledge, abilities and attitudes) of combining these two working areas that are almost never put together in training projects of European dimension.

The main theme is the development and improvements of european youth exchange projects and specifically those exchanges whose objective is the fight against racism, discrimination, xenophobia, as well as the defense and promotion of human rights in general.

The TC will be held in Lorca, Spain during the first National Street Theatre Festival in Lorca.

Our objectives:
1. Showing the participants in what the new YiA program consists and what are the new opportunities it offers
2. Developing the participants/competences in the preparing of european youth exchange projects, contributing also to the increase of their quality and the promotion of the inter culturaldialogue as their main theme in 2008
3. Facilitating the european cooperation between the partners so that they develop exchange projects between themselves in 2008 - 2009 ensuring in this way the continuity of the cooperation during the TC
4. Analyzing the characteristic of street theatre as a methodology of socio-educational intervention and as a tool of sensibilization against discrimination, racism and xenophobia for the actors as well as for it/s target audience.
5. Exploring the way in which when the street theatre is used in order to defend and promote the universality of human rights and in youth exchange contexts it acquires a unique value for working on values, attitudes and social skills with youth.
6. Consolidating the learning of the youngsters of street theatre and human rights by setting a performance specially designed by them that would be performed during the 1st National Street Theatre Festival that will be held in Lorca during the TC.


ACT IT OUT! Street Theatre 4 Human Rights
11 – 21 of April 2008, Lorca -Spain
Daily schedule:

Morning: from 9:30 am to 13:30
Afternoon: from 15:30 to 19:30

April 11, 2008:
Arriving of the participants Ketting to know each other activities

April 12, 2008:
Morning Introduction of objectives and content of the TC
session 1: Ketting to know each other and team-buiding activities
session 2: Expectations regarding the TC
Sesion 1: Youth in Action – general session
Sesion 2: human rights Education –general session

April 13, 2008:
session 1: YiA, Action 1 (detailed presentation of and discussion about an exchange project)
session 2: Youth Exchange projects work-shop
session 1: Introduction to Social Theatre
session 2: Types of Social Theatre (experimenting)

April 14, 2008
session 1: Hot issues in Human Rights TODAY
session 2: The role of human Rights Education with youth Afternoon Sesion intensiva: Theatre of the Opressed by Augusto Boal – Image theatre (experiment)

April 15, 2008
Morning session intensive: Dramatic pretext by Allan Owens -experiment
Afternoon session intensive: Street theatre (principles, techniques, examples)

April 16, 2008
Morning Free time and rest
Afternoon Intermediate evaluation
session 1: Methods and methodologies in Human Rights Education
session 2: Working groups for future exchange projects

April 17, 2008
Morning S.I.: Working groups for future exchange projects (continuation)
Night S.I.: Starting to prepare the Act it Out performance for the street theatre festival

April 18, 2008
session 1: Finalizing of the exchange projects
session 2: Presentation of the projects and feed-back from the group and the trainers
S.I.: Preparing the Act it Out performance for the street theatre festival (continuation)

April 19, 2008
Morning General rehearsal of the Act It Out performance !
Presentation of the group within the festival Performance Act It Out! in the centre of Lorca
Afternoon Act It Out! performance in two neighborhoods of Lorca

April 20, 2008
Morning Act It Out! performance in two neighborhoods of Lorca
Afternoon Closing of the Theatre Festival
Final Evaluation of the TC

April 21, 2008
Departure of the participants


Organised by Asociación Cazalla Intercultural, Spain