International ITAP Conference  2023

Sustainable models of Teacher - Artist Partnerships (TAP) in 21st century Education: 
communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity

Athens, Greece, Friday 30th June, Saturday 1st July and Sunday 2nd July 2023 (site specific event)





Site Specific Events

Conference Language: English


Sunday 2 July 2023 – Site Specific Events in Athens

  1. When monuments reveal women stories

10:30-12:30  - Meeting at the entrance steps of Odeon of Herodes Atticus


Despoina Mitsiali, artist, theatre pedagogue, adult trainer, Hara Tsoukala, teacher, theatre pedagogue 

Through this walking workshop we will tour central sights under the Acropolis making four stops that will take us to three different time periods of history. Walking among both obvious and hidden historical monuments, we will listen to them and allow them to tell us stories about the daily life of women in antiquity. We will communicate experientially with these stories and through associations and images we will ask ourselves whether there have been changes in mentality, attitudes and rules regarding the social position of women through time. Why does a water fountain from the 7th century BC symbolize “purification” and how does it relate to marriage? What is the meaning of purification for today’ s woman? How are the meanings of marriage/celibacy, childbearing/childlessness, submission/resistance, private/public space, interpreted over time according to the prevailing culture for the role and position of women?


  1. Constellations of Practice

11:00-13:00 - Meeting at Geronta 12, 105 58 Plaka, Flux Laboratory Athens

Katerina Kataki, performance artist, researcher, educator, Chloe Aligianni, choreographer, artistic director of Third Planet performing arts company, Gian Aggelos Apostolidis Isaac (Fuerza Negra), dancer, choreographer, dance teacher

Two live artworks, three artists and one building, invite the participants, the viewers and the

passersby into a spatial “game” of discoveries, talking, acting and sharing into public and private spots of Plaka. The interactive installation of Δημόσια Ημερολόγια // Public Diaries and rehearsal of The Space Cadet pop up dance performance meet in a spatial dialogue of cohabiting the building of Flux and its surrounding streets, while exchange performers and audiences in order to explore the issues of good practices, partnership and multitasking capacities on creation process & performance.

Outdoor : Δημόσια Ημερολόγια // Public Diaries surrounding space

Indoor: The Space Cadet rehearsal

Facilitators’ short profiles

Despοina Mitsiali has studied Philology in Athens and acting in Nelly Karra’s “Arhi” Drama school. She holds an MA in “Theatre and Education” from the Department of Primary Education of Athens. She studies Social Policy in Panteion University. She has attended seminars on Human Rights, as well as workshops on Educational Drama, Dramatic play facilitation and Acting techniques. She works as a drama pedagogue in groups of children and adolescents and as a trainer in adult workshops. She is a member of the Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network (TENet-Gr). She has collaborated with various institutions and groups, such as the Hellenic Theater/Drama & Education Network (TENet-Gr), the National Theater's Youth Stage, the theater group Syntehnia tou Geliou (“Laughter’s Guild”), Action Aid Hellas, the UNHCR Greece, the Network for Children’s Rights, the group for the promotion of healthy and active aging People Behind and the European Wergeland Centre.She has participated in a voluntary role in travels abroad (India, Russia, Germany) with regards to intercultural education and promotion of human rights.


Hara Tsoukala is a graduate of Athens University of Economics and Business, department of Economics. She has also a BA in Economics (Deree College, Athens) and a Master of Arts in Economics (University of KENT, UK). Until 2014 she served in Secondary Education, teaching Economics, Sociology and Politics in Public Lyceums. She is a founding member of the Hellenic Theatre/Drama and Education Network (1998) and has taken part in numerous theatrical workshops, International Conferences and Summer Camps, organized by TENet-Gr. She participated in the Programme Theatre Skills and the Multicultural School Environment at the Central School of Speech and Drama (1999, London). She facilitated the theatre group at Vouliagmeni Lyceum (1997-2014) and directed 16 theatre plays, among which ‘’The Fear of the Other” with participation of Greek and Swedish students at the 6th International Conference of TENet (2008). She coordinated as well the project “Monologues across the Aegean Sea”, part of the programme “it could be me – it could be you” organized by the Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network in collaboration with UNHCR Greece and NGO “PRAKSIS” (April 2016-December2016). She is the editor of the homonymous book (Greek and English), which was the outcome of theatrical workshops. She designed together with others the programme of TENet-gr ‘’Roles in life- roles in theatre’’, implemented in the Second Chance School in Korydallos prison and facilitated the theatre workshops (January 2017-June 2018). From October 2019 to December 2020, she facilitated the workshop “Let’s talk about us”, a workshop on women’s empowerment, at Action Aid Center in Athens, within the framework of the cooperation of Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network (TENet-Gr) with ActionAid Hellas. From November 2021 to September 2022, she participated together with other women of TENet-gr in the designing of the programme “Without Patron’’: an educational experiential programme, which is addressing teenagers and aims to explore gender stereotypes as well as other factors that lead to gender violence.  From October to December 2022, she (co)facilitated a 12-hour workshop regarding the above programme, at the 2nd Protipon General Lyceum of Athens. She was the President of TENet-Gr from April 2017 to February 2020.


Katerina Kataki is a performance artist and theater pedagogue specializing in Theater in Education & Community. Her main artistic media are body, voice and writing. The orientation of her work is directed towards the creation of original content by combining the art of performance, participatory art, devised theater and poetry as well as the empowering of social & communal experiences. She is particularly fascinated by merging the artistic practice and theoretical research within the field of philosophy, anthropology and sociology while examining questions such as the communication of passers-by in public space, contemporary rituals and body in space. Her performances designed for public space (Δημόσια Ημερολόγια // Public Diaries, Οδοιπόροι_City Steps) have been supported by the Culture Office of the City of Athens and also have been hosted in the Athens City Festival. Over the past years, she has been part of exhibitions and performances collaborating with various artists [ETCH INK Gallery, Victoria Square Project, Kessanlis Exhibition Center - Athens School of Fine Arts, etc.]. Katerina also seeks to create social projects in the field of Applied Performing Arts. Since 2019 she has been a partner of People Behind Organization, facilitating theater workshops for adult groups 65+ and a member of the Hellenic Network for Theater in Education working with young people and teenagers. Since 2014 she has been working in the field of Culture in Greece and abroad, as a performer, assistant director, curator assistant, and coordinator of various artistic-educational programs. She was born in 1989 in Athens, studied History and Theory of Art in the Fine Arts School of Athens (2012) and Drama & Physical Theatre in Archi Drama School (2015). She is an honors graduate of the MA program "Drama and Performing Arts in Education and Lifelong Learning" of Fine Arts Peloponnese - Department of Theater Studies (2019).


Chloe Aligianni.  With a background in dance and visual arts Chloe Aligianni is a choreographer andmultidisciplinary artist. She has studied visual arts at Middlesex University and choreographyat Trinity Laban Conservatoire. Her work has been supported by the Hellenic Ministry ofCulture & Sports, Arts Council England, Flux Laboratory Athens and other public and private bodies in Greece and abroad. Since returning to Athens in 2020, she set up her own performing arts company - Third Planet - through which she produces, creates and delivers a wide range of projects relating to movement and its synergy with arts, sciences and

community. Chloe has been supported artist at Chisenhale Dance Space and Free Space Artist at Studio Wayne McGregor in London. Alongside her choreographic practice, she movement directs for theatre & visual arts, curates, produces and occasionally creates sound & music. Chloe was part of Gary Clarke's (DV8) first LUSTRUM project in London (Greenwich Dance Agency) and has trained with David Zambrano in flying low and passing through techniques. She has taught dance extensively for the Step Into Dance Program of the Royal Academy of Dance (England), in secondary education, and to professional and amateur dancers. 


Gian Aggelos Apostolidis Isaac (Fuerza Negra) was born in Havana, Cuba in 1991 and after two years he moved to Athens where he is currently based. His first contact with dance was in 2004, practicing dance style Krump (Kingdom Radical Uplifted Might Price) since he was deeply influenced by the documentary “RiZe”.since 2006 he has been intensively involved in Hip-Hop Dance, while developing other street dance styles (Poppin, Breakin,Lockin). Equally important has been the experience he gained through his attendance in seminars by renowned dancers from all over the world. He has received significant distinctions both individually, as well as with the various dance groups he represents. In 2017, by creating the professional dance group “A Move Called Mess” (A.M.C.M.), he actively participated in the creation of professional dance cinema videos, such as “Noon Mess”, where he was the director and choreographer. He has collaborated with director Giannis Skourletis, with the Alternative Stage of the Greek National Opera at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center and with Aerites Dance Company among others. Last but not least, he has many years of experience as a dance teacher.



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 Conference Programme


Friday 30 June 2023 - at  Serafio City of Athens

17:30 - 18:00 Arrival - Registration - Coffee

18:00 - 18:30 Welcome:

 Betty Giannnouli, Conference Coordinator

Eugenia Zagoura, President of Hellenic Theatre/Drama &Education Network

Katie Sweeney, Coordinator of the Erasmus+ I-TAP-PD Project

18:30 - 19:30 Keynote speech:

“Developing sustainable systems of teacher-artist partnerships: Is it worth the trouble?”

Dorothy Morrissey, Lecturer in Drama Education at Mary Immaculate College of Education and the Liberal Arts, University of Limerick, Ireland

19:30- 20:00 Performance:“The string of Music”, by Antamapantahou

20:00 – 21:00  Reception event - Wine, finger food & networking


Saturday 01 July 2023 - at Serafio City of Athens*

09:30 -10:00 Arrival- Coffee

10:00 -11:00   Presentation of the Erasmus+ European Project:  Ιnternational Teacher Artist Partnership-Professional Development (I-TAP-PD),

The I-TAP-PD team

11:00- 12:15 Invited speakers, Arts and Education programmes 

“NATIONAL THEATRE 2018-2023: Theatre in a new school, 5 years of endless discovery and endless hope”

Sofia Vgenopoulou, Head of the Young peoples' stage at the National Theatre of Greece, theatre director


An interdisciplinary action of Kinitiras to bring dance into schools”

Antigoni Gyra, choreographer/artistic director of Kinitiras Network for Performing Arts

“Empowering Collaboration and Inspiring Learning - Olympia International Film Festival and Camera Zizanio as a Meeting Ground for Artists and Educators"

Manolis Melissourgos, General Coordinator of Camera Zizanio

12:15 - 13:15 Light Lunch 

13:15 - 15:15 Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in parallel sessions

15:15 - 15:30  Coffee break  

15:45 - 17:45 Workshops**

18:00 - 18:30 Coffee break

18:30 - 19:30 Conclusion of SIGs - Main hall

19:30 - 20:00  Video - Photos, Closing of the day

20:00 - 20:30 Farewell event - fruit and dessert

* At Echelidon 19 & Pireos str. 144,  11854

** At Echelidon 19 & Pireos str. 144, 11854 (Serafio City of Athens) & at Orfeos str. 58, 11854 (87th Experimental Intercultural Primary School of Athens)


Sunday 2 July 2023 – Site Specific Events in Athens

10:30 - 12:30When monuments reveal women stories “*

Despoina Mitsiali, artist, theatre pedagogue, adult trainer, Hara Tsoukala, teacher, theatre pedagogue 

11.00 - 13.00Constellations of Practise“**

Katerina Kataki, performance artist, researcher, educator,

Chloe Aligianni, choreographer, artistic director of Third Planet performing arts company, Gian Aggelos Apostolidis Isaac (Fuerza Negra), dancer, choreographer, dance teacher

*Meeting at the entrance steps of Odeon of Herodes Atticus

**Meeting at Geronta 12, 105 58 Plaka, Flux Laboratory Athens