Erasmus+ KA2 Initiative 2020 – 2023: International Teacher-Artist Partnership (I-TAP-PD) PD


ABOUT International Teacher-Artist Partnership (I-TAP-PD) PD

International Teacher-Artist Partnership (I-TAP-PD) PD is an exciting project which focuses on enabling teachers and artists to jointly develop their understanding, expertise and creativity in ‘arts in education’ work with children and young people in education, community and arts settings.  It offers a unique opportunity for teachers and artists to explore the nature and educational value of partnerships in supporting arts education in early and Primary school education.  The ultimate aim of Erasmus+ I-TAP-PD is to create innovative professional development (PD) opportunities, innovative intellectual outputs and resources to enable both teachers and artists to challenge, develop and potentially transform their practices for the benefit of the children they teach and the school communities in which they work at a trans-European level and beyond.  The enhanced practices that will emerge as a result of this collaboration will be the subject of fresh international research and innovation.

Objectives are to develop an international model I-TAP-PD with a training programme and resource materials that are transferable across various jurisdictions, are adaptable to different contexts and incorporate the best practices from each of our participating countries. We will disseminate this practice across Europe and beyond by holding a number of Multiplier events.  All materials and resources developed will be free, FAIR and openly available.

The project will result in development of a final I-TAP-PD Programme with on-line Research and Evaluation Output & translated resources which will be accessible and down-loadable through the project's public Digital Resources Platform for disseminating all the project's outputs.  It will include presentations and analysis of best I-TAP-PD practice, to target groups and stakeholders in all European countries.  Target groups will be able to use all resource outputs on the DRP as a whole, or separate items from it independently of the final I-TAP-PD training programme and handbook or in association with them.

Project Partners


Project Partners

    • The Education Centre Tralee, Ireland (Co-ordinator)
    • Center for Drama in Education and Art CEDEUM, Serbia
    • Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network (TENet-Gr), Greece
    • Stichting Kopa, The Netherland

Erasmus+ 2020-1-IE01-KA201-066029

Intellectual Outputs -the Project has three Intellectual Outputs. 
IO 1:
I-TAP-PD Pilot 1 I-TAP-PD Training Programme
Output Description: A 5-day Pilot I-TAP-PD residential programme and resources will be developed as Intellectual Output 01 and will be delivered as the first LTT in August 2021. 

IO 2: I-TAP-PD Resources
Output Description: Intellectual Output I0 2 will consist of a number & range of outputs which will be freely available on what we will use as the I-TAP-PD Digital Resource Platform (I-TAP-PD DRP). The I-TAP-PD DRP will serve as a lively platform for dissemination & communication, exchange & debate about the topics of art education & TAP professional development. This output will consist of Resource pack: I-TAP-PD training, materials and handbook; Video tutorials; Exemplary case studies; The podcast; FB & Instagram connected to the DRP, announcing the newest activities in the project or the DRP; Blogographies; Other relevant sources including Instagram, FB & Twitter. 

IO 3: Final I-TAP-PD Programme, Research and Evaluation Output & Translated Resources. 
Output Description: A cumulative final I-TAP-PD Programme with on-line Research and Evaluation Output & Translated resources will be accessible and down-loadable through the project's public Digital Resources Platform (DRP) for disseminating all the project's outputs. 





“Τiny people, big adventures!”

Athens 1/7/2023 workshop ITAP Conference, Dimitra Skempi

“I – You – We: Tapping into Creative Partnership through I-TAP-PD”

Athens 1/7/2023 workshop ITAP Conference, Caroline Conway, Bríd Ní Raghallaigh, Jenny Buggie, Tralee  Catherine,  Vera McGrath

“Keep it simple - Keep it open”

Athens 1/7/2023 workshop ITAP Conference, Margarita Trikka