an awareness raising project, targeting the educational community, on human rights and refugee issues
using experiential learning, theatre and educational drama techniques.


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“Giati oi nyhterides kremontai anapoda?”
(Why do bats hang upside down?) – Student Workshop

Workshop for primary school students

Using the Sudanese folktale “Why do bats hang upside down” students explore the issue of diversity. 

Within the protective framework of Drama in Education they  recognize how they perceive the role of the weak and isolated, due to some external characteristics and how their perception could be reconstructed.

Through their participation, they are given the opportunity to change preconceived roles and empower the hero who is in this unfavorable position.

This workshop is offered as part of the "It could be you- it could be me" project,

organized by the Hellenic Theatre/Drama and Education Network in collaboration with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Greece.

Designed by Eirini Marna, drama teacher

Presented by authorised drama teachers


Why do bats hang upside down?