Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network (TENet-Gr)

25-30 August 2023

at Chiliomodi Town, Corinthia Greece (Freelandcamp)


Main Workshops

Main Workshops are offered during morning hours 

Participants attend 1 "Main Workshop" for the whole Camp period
Please check language of workshop before apply

See Cost - Reservation



"Actor as creator"

Chiliomodi Greece, 25-30/8/2023 main workshop, Theatre Summer Camp, Kostas Papakonstantinou

"Collective groove or do it like your granny"

Chiliomodi Greece, 25-30/8/2023, Theatre Summer Camp, Main Workshop, Margarita Trikka

Messengers, the time of truth

Chiliomodi Greece 25-30/8/2023, main workshop, Theatre Summer Camp 2023, Tasos Rantzos

5+1 Questions

Chiliomodi Greece, 25-30/8/2023, main workshop for young people, Theatre Summer Camp 2023, Dina Stamatopoulou

Literature into Theatre

Chiliomodi Greece 25-30/8/2023 main workshop Theatre Summer Camp, Fotis Makris, Stella Krouska