"Stories in motion" 

at Aghios Ioannis, Pelion Greece, 25-31/8/2019


Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network


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Agios Ioannis Piliou, Thessaly, Greece

"Pelion 2019"

Theatre Summer Camp - Pelion Greece 2019
for teachers, educators, artists, facilitators, students, youths

25 - 31August  2019 at Aghios Ioannis, Pelion, Greece

Language: Greek & English

From 25 to 31 of August 2019, the Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network holds its 18th annual Theatre Summer Camp- Seminar at Aghios Ioannis Beach, Mt Pelion, Greece.
We stay and work in the friendly and relaxing environment of a well organized campsite, by the sea.
Artists, teachers, educators, actors, musicians, visual artists, theatre practitioners and scholars share their stories and communicate using as a medium/tool several theatrical techniques whilst investigating their application in education.

This year the Camp hosts 7 Main Workshops for adults with facilitators Kosta Gakis & Natasha Faii-Kosmidou, Konstantinos Ntellas, Sanja KrsmanovicTasic, Eirene Kaptani, Peter Hussey & Georgina Kakoudaki, a Adolescences Workshop (13-17yrs) facilitated by Aristea Stafylaraki and a Children's Workshop (6-12 yrs) facilitated by Anastasia Kordari
A number of other short "complementary" workshops will also be offered in the afternoons facilitated by Giorgos Moschos, Olga Orfanidou, Flora Asoumanaki, Nikoletta Dimopoulou, Despina Mitsiali,  Nikos Govas, Christina Zoniou, Mary Kaldi, Georgina Kakoudaki, Anastasia Koulaloglou, Maria Pavlidi.

The Camp-Seminar includes practical theatre & drama workshops, story-telling night by the camp fire, project presentations, performances, activities in the area (hiking, tours etc.) physical exercise, swimming, free time and a farewell party.

Pelion Camp 2019 also hosts the Project: "It could be me - It could be you"
The refugee issues and their impact on education of young children in particular will be approach though discussions and workshops by members of the “it could be me-it could be you” project run by the Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network (TENet-Gr) and UNHCR Greece (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)

The Main Workshop facilitated by Peter Hussey & Georgina Kakoudaki is part of the Erasmus+ project "Logos".

The location:
Aghios Ioannis is a seaside village 55 km from Volos Town, on Eastern Mt. Pelio, Central Greece, located in an idyllic place. Its unique, blue flagged beach, with pearl like pebbles, is the main attraction of the village, which offers many choices of accommodation and catering. Aghios Ioannis has turned into a well-organized tourist resort because of the infrastructure developed in the village and the wider area during the last 20 years. Additionally, one of the advantages of the village is the fact that it is located close to the most famous mountain villages of Eastern Pelion and between the famous beaches of Plaka and Papa Nero.

ORGANISATION-COMMUNICATION: Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network (TENet-Gr)
Organisation Committee: Hara Tsoukala, Nikos Govas, Iro Potamousi, Maria Mparelou, Despina Mitsiali, Dionisia Asprogeraka, Eleanna Apostolaki, Peni Sitou, Yanna Papadopoulou
Secretary: Martina Gomez, Louiza Nikolaou
++302106541600 / info@theatroedu.gr / www.theatroedu.gr

"Pelion 2019" Coordinator: Hara Tsoukala



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