an awareness raising project, targeting the educational community, on human rights and refugee issues
using experiential learning, theatre and educational drama techniques.


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Facilitators and trainers training seminars

As part of the continuous training of program’s facilitators and trainers, the Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network (TENet-Gr) is organizing a series of workshops on intercultural education, adult education, issues concerning the refugee crisis, utilization of the educational material that the Programme offers, feedback, et al.

Local training for new trainers and contacts: Design and deliver a specific course of practical workshops and meetings for new trainers and youth facilitators as well as for Local Contacts based on the methodology of the project and its educational material in order to familiarize them with the content and techniques presented during the teachers’ training seminars and the school intervention workshops. At the end of this process the facilitators will be accredited as “project trainers and/or facilitators”. This will result in expansion of the Project in more schools in more sites. Such courses and other relevant meetings for new or old project trainers will be organised by the Regional Managers in all 4 regions of the country. 

Reflection, feedback training and updating for Project’s trainers, facilitators, managers and staff: Design and deliver, centrally, a number of reflective seminars and meetings for all projects trainers, facilitators, managers and coordinators for updates on current refugee issues, on adult education methodology, on evaluation techniques, on current intercultural approaches etc. Experts from the country or abroad will be invited to take part in these meetings and share experience from other countries too. 


Facilitators and trainers training seminars