an awareness raising project, targeting the educational community, on human rights and refugee issues
using experiential learning, theatre and educational drama techniques.


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The “Together” action, is implemented in the context of the “It could be me - It could be you 2018” programme.

With the view to create opportunities and preconditions for coexistence and meeting between local student population and refugee children accommodated in different locations and facilities, joint creative actions are designed and promoted by the Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network (TENet-Gr) and UNHCR Greece.

These include activities such as common art workshops for local and refugee youths, visits to museums, street happenings, attendance to music, dance and theatre performances etc. Such activities can facilitate intercultural communication, breaking the ice between the two populations, fighting fear and stereotypes, while mitigating the sense of marginalization among the refugee population.


A comment

«This was the first time I have attended and participated in a “Together” workshop. I was very eager and curious about it.

In the beginning, there was a kind of suspiciousness for the “Others”  but gradually thanks to the experiential activities and acquaintance games, children were released and became more friendly to each other . The primary shyness  turned into the longing for participation, interaction and expression of their feelings. At the end, it was like any other workshop with children. Of course, the different spoken language was an obstacle in children’s communication, but through the experiential activities, educators’ help and the interpreter’s contribution to the workshop, they eventually overcame the barrier of  language and they managed to find other ways to communicate and come closer. English, which was  common language for some of the Greek and refugee children, was a very helpful element for their communication. I think that it was a great experience for all of us but especially for all the children who took part in it."

Popi Dionysopoulou, YouthProjectsAssistant- United Nations Refugee Agency