The Quarantine Monologues
Refugee youth write during the COVID-19 pandemic

                Let their voice be heard!


The action called "The Quarantine Monologues" aims at voicing the emotions and views of teenage refugee residents of a series of accomodation facilities across Greece, during the temporary, general lockdown that was induced by the COVID19 pandemic in the period between March and May 2020.


The texts & the book

(Names of the youth have been changed for protection reasons - alphabetical order)

Amir, 17 years old from Egypt

Anis, 17 years old from Afghanistan

Borahan, 15 years old from Afghanistan

Daniel, 17 years old from Benin

Farida, 19 years old from Syria, "United against the virus"

Fateme, 18 years old from Afghanistan

Faten, 14 years old from Syria, "Life will be the same again"

Fereshte, 19 years old from Afghanistan
Ghazal, 15 years old from Afghanistan

Ikram, 16 years old from Somalia

Inas, 17 years old from Kurdistan-Syria, "Positivity-Regularity-Routine Repetition of the everyday"

Jovani, 17 years old from Cameroon

Khalid, 17 years old from Afghanistan

Kourosh, 17 years old from Iran

Marjan, 17 years old from Afghanistan

Maryam 19 years old from Baluchistan - Pakistan

Masome, 17 years old from Afghanistan

Maya, 17 years old from Syria, "The quarantine helps the global environment"

Mehran, 16 years old from Afghanistan

Mohammad, 15 years old from Afghanistan

Pardis, 15 years old from Afghanistan

Rostam, 17 years old from Afghanistan

Sawsan, 18 years old from Syria, "Simple things"

Zahra, 18 years old from Iran


Organization: Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network (TENet-Gr) in cooperation with the UNHCR Greece, (the UN Refugee Agency) as part of the  “it could be me – it could be you” project. “it could be me – it could be you” is an awareness raising project, targeting the educational community at large, on refugees and human rights using experiential learning, theatre and educational drama techniques.

Collaborating partners: ARSIS - Drama, PRAKSIS - Athens, Iliaktikda AMKE-Lesvos, Social EKAV - Athens, Regional Development Company of Parnonas - Tripoli, Development Agency of Karditsa S.A., Directorate of Secondary Education in Karditsa, International Organization for Migration - Patra.