Moltoir: a training course for Cultural Youth Workers
in using movement methods to work with young people

Erasmus+/Youth project
1/12/2022 -–31/1/2024
Language: English

Coordinator Partner: Crooked House Theatre Company, Ireland (

Partner organizations:

Μain target groups
Moltóir is a training course for cultural youth workers. Generally, this means artists working with young people. It is suitable for those aged 18 and over (with no upper age limit) who already have some experience as facilitators of young people in the field of performance, music, dance, film or creativity. It is also suitable for directors or theatre-makers who do not have a lot of experience in movement practices.
Specifically, Moltóir is for cultural youth workers affiliated to 7 partner organisations in Europe, Turkey and Azerbaijan. The youth workers are volunteers, staff, young leaders, and artists working with young people in each organisation.

Short description
This is a training course for youth workers. It will introduce participants to several movement practices that are used by the trainers themselves in their cultural youth work. Moltóir wants to share movement  practices to young people to create meaningful bodily learning experiences.

Moltóir specifically proposes to explore a selection of movement practices that can be used by creative facilitators to enhance and support the wellbeing of young people. We mean a broad definition of wellbeingto include:

• A strong and positive sense on ones own physical presence in a communal space

• A comfort and ease with ones own body, ones appearance, and ones projected ego

• A sense of emotional positivity derived from physical activity, exercise and fitness

• An ability to communicate and express emotions, ideas, and attitudes non-verbally

• A chance to practice bodily balance, harmony and control

• Ability to control, direct and channel physical energy, impulses, reactions and spontaneity

• Awaken the desire to play and to reconnect with physical expressiveness

The objectives of the course will be that:

- Participants on this course will be shown ways to use various movement techniques to explore some of those outcomes above with young people.

- Participants will also be engaged in reflective activities – analysing and processing their experiences and learning on a daily basis.

- They will also discover more about different cultures though exchange with other participants.

- Participants will learn about the Erasmus+ programme and be introduced to using it as a support for their own programmes and projects.

- Participants will enhance and share their own transversal skills, especially those skills developed by collaborative group work and creative, aesthetic engagement.


Moltoir & TENet-Gr
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