Theatre in Mathematics ^2 (TiM^2)
Teaching mathematics using drama

An Erasmus+ project (KA220-SCH - Cooperation partnerships in school education)

DURATION: 1/9/2023-31/8/2026

OBJECTIVES : TIM^2 project's purpose is to overcome the obstacles in the way of teaching and learning mathematics at EU level. The main objective is to design a teaching methodology and evaluation tools to be used by teachers and educators. The methodological focus is on the enhancement of mathematical skills of the students of primary and lower secondary schools through the combination of drama based methodologies such as Social Community Theatre and Process Drama
ACTIVITIES: The main activity is the implementation of TIM^2 methodology, tools and exercises and the design of a set of evaluation tools allowing to evaluate to what extent the methodology is useful to favour the acquisition of maths skills and to increase students and teachers wellbeing. In Italy, Norway, Greece and Portugal the methodology is spread through training for trainers and training for teachers. In the four countries a theatrical conference about gender gap and maths learning is staged.
RESULTS: A methodology handbook with theory and activities and the evaluation system. An e-learning platform with a repository of materials and tools and a virtual space for teachers to confront and share lessons and good practices. The TIM^2 ontology: a digital tool to create customised sets of activities to empower specific mathematical skills. 5 scientific articles. Six national dissemination seminars. At least 600 teachers are trained, about 9000 students reached by TIM^2 activities

Consorzio per la ricerca e l educazione permanente Torino (COREP) Italy (Co-ordinator)
Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche (CNR) (Italy) 
Western Norway University of Applied Sciences  (HVL), Norway
Technical University of Crete, Dep. of Electronics and Computer Engineering, (TUC) Greece
The Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network (TENet-Gr), Greece
Albi Asta (ASTA), Portugal

The Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network (TENet-Gr) TiM^2  Team
Coordiantion: Dimitris Conetas (Local Project Coordinator), Vassia Kossiva (Local Project Manager)
Consultans: Nikos Govas, Giorgos Bekiaris


TheatreInMathematics2 (TiM^2) partners meeting

online 8/9/2023 partners meeting

Event date: 9/8/2023 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM Export event

Theatre-in-Mathematics2 (TiM^2)

Parners Meeting 
online 8/9/2023

Participating: Maurizio Bertolini, Nektarios Moumoutzis, Manuel Gentile, Silje Birgitte Folkedal, Mona Roesseland, Eva Elise Tvedt, Sergio Novo, Vassia Kossiva, Dimitris Konetas, Nikos Govas, Fabrizio Lo Presti, Simona Ottaviano


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SCT Centre | COREP (Italy) (Co-ordinator Partner)

HVL (Norway)
DoRS (Ιταλία)
ASTA (Πορτογαλία)
TUC (Greece)


EU Programme: Erasmus+

Year: 2023-2026