Walk with Amal

The Walk & Education

An arts festival under the auspices and coordination of Good Chance Theatre from the United Kingdom


Free internet workshops for educators and youth group facilitators


Walk with Amal 

A 3,5 meter high puppet with the form of a 9-year-old refugee girl will travel for 8.000 klm,
crossing Turkey and Europe, from July to November 2021.

The Walk with Amal is a mobile - peripatetic arts festival where a multitude of state, humanitarian and artistic institutions and organisations participate, from European as well as Asian countries under the auspices and coordination of Good Chance from the United Kingdom.

Amal will be walking in Greece in August-September 2021 (specific dates will be announced), in a great march which in our country will set off from Chios island, will continue to Piraeus, Athens, Eleusina, Larissa, Trikala and will conclude in Ioannina and Igoumenitsa before departing for Italy. 

In every stop, we are planning to cooperate closely with the artistic community of each place and the scheduling and hosting of events which will showcase the cultural wealth of the city and will promote it to the international audience that follows closely Amal's walk in person or online.

For more on the international project, see here.

Educational project
Free online workshops
for educators and
youth group facilitators

An important part of this entire initiative is the educational project "One step forward", which will take place alongside the artistic activities of The Walk. Before, after but also during her walk, little Amal will bring young people in touch with each other through projects of creative learning, aiming to create a worldwide network of educators, organisations and groups.


The Walk in Greece

Amal in Trikala

Amal in Trikala

Trikala, 29/8/2021

Event date: 8/29/2021 Export event

Little Amal continues her walk

on 29 of August in Trikala!

"Don't forget us" is the message relayed by 9-year-old Amal who began from Syria and is crossing Europe, in search for her mother around the lands that unravel ahead of her. She walks from country to country, meets other children and people, always with the hope that somewhere a home will be there for her to stay, grow up, get educated and create her own world.

Little makes a stop in Trikala under an ancient tree.
A hundred and fifty enormous flowers approach her
and accompany her in the city.

Amal reaches Trikala tired and encounters ahead a garden of handmade flowers held by children that will accompany her to the center of the city. In her route, passing outside the Tsitsanis Museum, she makes a stop at an ancient tree and rests under its shadow. The tree narrates to her its story and remembers the people that have visited it throughout the years that have passed - some of them with tenderness and others with a certain difficulty.
When she reaches the central square, residents of the city and children offer her a live and rare flower and give her all their wishes for the continuation of her Walk.

Warm thanks to the Municipality of Trikala for the support and contribution to all the events of the Walk.


Rustling Leaves - Sunday 29 of August @ 19:30 – We walk from Osman Shah Mosque to the Central Square


Organization – Facilitation: Antonella Hira
Aerial show – Facilitation: Christina Krithari
Χορογραφία – Facilitation: Maria Gadetsaki
Communication: Vasilena Mitsiadi, technical works vice-mayor for the city of Trikala
Music Selection – Narration: Stelios Karagiorgos
Movement Coordination: Sonia Ntova
Props - Costumes: Maria Tachou
Guitar: Elmina Eleftheria Roditi
Hand Pan: Spyros Pan
Rainsticks: Cecilia Leclerc, Tzina Mparakou
Technical Support Aerial Show: Paschalis Zafeiriadis
Photography: Thanks Floulis

Musical pieces heard in the event:
2 demotic images – of the mountain, of the flatlands - Kyriakos Tzortzinakis
Altered Geometry – Spyros Pan

In collaboration with:
Municipality of Trikala, Tsitsanis Museum, Municipal Theatre of Trikala, e- trikala, International Organization of Immigration in the context of the integration project HELIOS that is funded by the EU, Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network (TENet-Gr) and the UNHCR - Greece in the context of the "it could be me; it could be you" project

Schools that take part:
33rd Primary school of Trikala, 1st Primary school of Trikala, 12th Primary school of Trikala, 16th Primary school of Trikala, 30th Primary school of Trikala, Krinitsa pre-school, Pyli High School, UK school, Dancespace, Paname Cecilia Leclerc Cours de français.

Teachers who take part:
Marina Spathi, Olga Kalliagra, Ioanna Kissa, Evaggelia Lagopoulou, Eirini Hlorou, Elvira Papageorgiou, Melania Panagiotidou, Manousa Konstantinidou, Aliki Mylona, Eirini Strakari, Giorgos Sioulas, Artemis Arkoumanis, Viki Iakovaki, Gogo Katsianakou, Eva Katsioula, Efi Mpiliou, Marina Zarkada, Liana Legka, Eleni Dimitriadou, Elena Tziani, Maria Pospotiki, Vasiliki Lera, Emy Karakaxa, Christina Avramidou.

Special mention is due for the priceless contribution of all educators, children, adolescents and volunteers.




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The educational project of The Walk is taking place with the collaboration of Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network (TENet-Gr) and UNHCR Greece, in the context of "it could be me; it could be you" project.


Production for the WALK: Good Chance Theatre
Production for Greece: Yolanda Markopoulou / Polyplanity Productions

Educational project coordinator: Dafni Kalafati, walkedugr@gmail.com

Workshop organisation: Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network (TENet-Gr) and UNHCR Greece, in the context of "it could be me; it could be you" project

Creative Team
Art director Amir Nizar Zuabi
Puppet design & construction Handspring Puppet Company
Puppet handling directors Craig Leo και Enrico Dau Yang Wey
Puppet handling assistant Sarah Wright
Costume designe Annie Symons

Production Stephen Daldry, David Lan, Tracey Seaward, Naomi Webb for Good Chance
Art directors fo Good Chance Joe Robertson and Joe Murphy
Executive producer Kevin Fitzmaurice
General management Sarah Loader
Production management Suzy Hawes
Production design Patrick Glackin
Producer for Turkey Recep Tuna and IKSV
Producer for Greece Yolanda Markopoulou
Producer for Italy Roberto Roberto and Ludovica Tinghi
Producer for France, Switzerland, Belgium & Germany Claire Béjanin
Producer for the United Kingdom Amaya Jeyarajah Dent