“The multicolored immigration of the butterfly”

theatre education workshop and Forum Theatre play

for secondary education and university students, teachers, local community
on xenophobia and racist speech


“The multicolored immigration of the butterfly” is a theatre education workshop and forum theatre play. It was devised and produced in summer 2016 in the context of the “it could be me – it could be you” project implemented by the Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network (TENet-Gr) in collaboration with UNHCR Greece.

The play debates issues such as solidarity, acceptance of “the other” and dealing with xenophobia and racist speech. It addresses teenagers, teachers and members of the broader educational community and attempts to set the participants against personal and social attitudes, ideals, wishes and responsibilities.

“it could be me – it could be you” project and the workshops for students are approved by the Greek Ministry of Education, accredited by IDEA (International Drama/Theatre and Education Association) and are offered free of charge.

Devised and directed by Christina Krithari
Developed by Christina Krithari, Antonella Hira, Vassilis Vopis, Eleftheria Sikinioti, Vasilena Mitsiadi

Produced by the Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network in association with UNHCR Greece

First presented: 22 August 2016 Trikala, Greece

Facilitated/performed by certified theatre pedagogues and facilitators of the project

Duration: 2,5 hours

Short Description: the workshop is made up of three (3) parts:

Part A: games to warm up both body and mind introducing the tools and concepts that will follow. “Compound stimulus” (an exploration package) follows with elements from Image Theatre and Document Theatre.

Part B: Presentation of the play “The multicolored immigration of the butterfly” which is followed by a talk on the characters of the play through the technique of “hot seating”.

Part C: The “Forum”, during which the play is replayed and the audience can intervene on the set trying, through improvisation, to empower the character who is in need and drive the story to an entirely different ending.

The workshop is offered free of charge upon request from the school and under the condition that at least on teacher of the school has already taken part/seen this workshop in some of the previous presentations of it in schools or teachers’ seminars.

Applications: humanrights@theatroedu.gr