18th Theatre Summer Camp - Pelion Greece 2019

"Stories in motion" 

Aghios Ioannis, Pelion Greece 25-31/8/2019
Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network


Complementary Workshops

Nobody is perfect!

Nobody is perfect!

Ag. Ioannis Piliou, 26/8/2019, Complementary workshop, Maria Pavlidi

Event date: 8/26/2019 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM Export event

Theatre Summer Camp “Pelion Greece 2019”

Agios Ioannis Pelion Greece, 25-31 August 2019

Complementary Workshop

Nobody is perfect!

Maria Pavlidi, educator
Language Greek


Has it happened to you? To start something with optimism and absolute certainty for its good outcome and finally see it all go down the drain; to see it fail completely. And then what do we do? We usually feel blue and blame ourselves. At the CLOWN workshop we learn to find our not perfect self, to make peace with our failing. We learn to love this self and make others love us for what we are: "failure", "a dummy".

The clown never loses his/her courage and the purpose is always to gain a few more moments with the audience, no matter who they are: mom, dad, friend or spectators in a theater. The clown is lovable and generous, because he/she dares to "make a fool of himself/herself" to make others laugh, even if he/she is sad. Be careful! He/she never loses his/her dignity! In a society that wants us smart, fast, capable and successful, the clown pushes stops to create chaos. 

Through team building games and improvisations everyone will find their own clown and together we will create unforgettable moments!

Essential elements for your attendance at the workshop: Comfortable clothes and shoes and a lot of enthusiasm!

Maria Pavlidi has studied in “Ecole Philippe Gaulier” in London where she worked as teacher ‘s assistant. She has participated in workshops led by Siscu Margenat and Rodrigo Malbran, Théatre de Compliçité, Catherine Chaub and Simon Abkarian, Torgei Wethal, Tapa Sudana, Nikos Govas, Georgina Kakoudaki, Νassia Holeva, Iro Potamousi, Vera Lardi, Christina Zoniou, Μary Kaldi, Katerina Sarropoulou, Mario Gonzales, Christina Gentzik, Freya Conesa, Svetlana Khingenskaja and others.

She has participated in the performances: “Zaza de A a Z” in the Institut Francais d’ Athénes, directed from Jean Jacques Tesson (Athens, Dijon), “2 on FM”, clown - show with Francisco Brito, “Ftou Xeleftheria” with the group «Botilia sto pelago» (divised theatre).

She works with Zoe and Dionissis Valassis on educational projects (“With a book I fly” and others.) and presentations of children’s books since 1988.

She is a member of the Hellenic Theater/Drama in Education Network since 1998.

She teaches German as a foreign languages in a Greek High- school, and she facilitates children’s theater groups.

Since 1998 she is teaching clown theater.

She is an Access Bars Practinioner since May 2019.

She attends courses at the Improvisation school “Improvibe” in Athens.


Organised by the Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network (TENet-Gr)

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