18th Theatre Summer Camp - Pelion Greece 2019

"Stories in motion" 

Aghios Ioannis, Pelion Greece 25-31/8/2019
Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network


Complementary Workshops

Recording critical glances on youth culture - The YouthDOCs & Videomuseums projects

Recording critical glances on youth culture - The YouthDOCs & Videomuseums projects

Ag. Ioannis Piliou, 27/8/2019, Complementary Workshop, Nikos Govas, Christina Zoniou, Mary Kaldi

Event date: 8/27/2019 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM Export event

Theatre Summer Camp “Pelion Greece 2019”

Agios Ioannis Pelion Greece, 25-31 August 2019

Complementary Workshop

Recording critical glances on youth culture.
The YouthDOCs & Videomuseums projects

Nikos Govas, Christina Zoniou, Mary Kaldi

Language: Greek, English

The workshop will present the main elements of the YouthDOCs & Videomuseums projects as they were implemented during in Greece, Germany and Turkey (as European Erasmus +).
The aim is to get acquainted with the methodology and techniques used and to explore the possibility of implementing a similar program at school.
Both YouthDOCs & Videomuseums projects address youth culture issues and how its elements can be captured in short videos or dramas.
A group of video/drama educators along with teachers and students from Athens, Frankfurt and Istanbul explored the following question:

"What elements of your youth culture would you choose as a group to create a short film or a theatrical documentary event to be seen by another group of young people and
comment on them?"

The program used a student-centered methodology including active group-learning techniques and implemented the tools of "Documentation Video" and "Documentation Theater"(DocFilms and DocDramas).

The workshop includes:
A. Presentation of the projects, projection of selected videos and discussion based on the questions:
How do we investigate the elements of "youth culture:? How can we collectively decide what is important to us at this moment? What are the Documents - how do we add them to the story? How can we turn these in a theatrical performance or video using theater and documentary techniques?
B. Group activation exercises, photography exercises and theatrical improvisations.
C. Presentation of the YouthDOCs & Videomuseum Manuals.

Nikos Govas (Athens, Greece) is an experienced theatre/drama pedagogue. He founded and chaired the Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network TENet-Gr (1998-2008). He is editor of the “Education & Theatre” Journal (Athens, Greece) and member of the Editorial Board of the Research in Drama Education (2012-2017). He was awarded the “Hellenic Foundation Award London 1997” and the “Grozdanin Kikot 2002” award for his contribution to development of drama in education. He has worked in secondary education schools since 1982 and has served as “Cultural Programs Coordinator” for Local Secondary Education Authority Eastern Attica Greece (1998-2014) developing teachers’ networks, training courses and several art projects. He has written and edited several books and articles on theatre/drama and education in Greece. He works as drama/theatre tutor in teachers’ in-service training courses, in Universities, Municipal Theatres, Associations etc. Currently he coordinates the “it could be me-it could be you” project implemented by TENe-Gr in collaboration
with UNHCR Greece

Christina Zoniou teaches Acting and Social Theatre at graduate and postgraduate level as a Tenured Member of the Specialised Teaching Staff of the Department of Theatre Studies, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of the Peloponnese Greece, since 2005. Her research interest include contemporary approaches in directing, acting and dramaturgy, actors’ training, performing arts in education, applied / social theatre, Theatre of the Oppressed. Since 1999 she has combined her research and theatre practice in both professional and applied theatre fields. She has worked as assistant director, director, acting teacher and dramaturg by theatre institutions in Italy (among others Laboratorio Nove, Intercity Festival, Τeatro della Limonaia, Teatro Verdi di Pisa, Prima Del Teatro – European School for the Art of the Actor, Blanka Teatro) and Greece (Nea Skini). She has curated many students’ performances and facilitated theatre workshops in university institutions, theatres, schools, NGOs, citizens’ and activist groups in various countries. She is an active member of the Theatre of the Oppressed movement.  Since 2014 is member of the Board of Directors of TENet-Gr (Hellenic Thetare/Drama & Education Network). Since 2016 she is member of the Studies’ Commitee of the Epidaurus Lyceum- Summer School of Ancient Drama. Christina Zoniou has followed graduate and postgraduate studies in theatre studies, specializing in contemporary theatre practice (directing, acting, dramaturgy and theatre pedagogy), at the University of Athens (1997), the University of Glasgow (1998) and the Laboratorio Nove Acting School, Florence (2002) and attended numerous international training seminars. She holds a PhD from the University of Thessaly (2016) on developing intercultural competence through the Theatre of the Oppressed.

Mary Kaldi is a philologist. She studied Pedagogic at Philosophy Department of Ioannina University and she has been teaching in Secondary Education. She studied piano in the Hellenic Music School. She played piano in Nicolas Assimo’s band (1983-1986). She has participated in international conferences on Theatre in Education, as well as meetings and teacher training as member of Organizing Committees. She was Vice-President of the Hellenic Theatre/Drama& Education Network (2008-2011), member of the Editing committee of the Education & Theatre journal, and she edits TENet-Gr’s Newsletter. She has filmed and edited audiovisual resources from TΕNet-Gr’s projects. She has been involved in extracurricular school programs coordinated by Directorate of Secondary
Education of Eastern Attica-Cultural Issues: “Literary workshop”, “Videomuseums” (2009-2015 “Youth DOCs” (2014-2016), during which, in cooperation with K. Alexiadi, she created 2 educational video tutorials on How to create Drama Docs: ( How to do it for students How to do it for teachers ). Email: makaldi@sch.gr

Organised by the Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network (TENet-Gr)

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