19th Theatre Summer Camp "Chiliomodi 2022" 
24-29 August 2022

at "Freelandcamp", near Chiliomodi Town, Corinthia, Greece


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at "Freelandcamp", near Chiliomodi Town, Corinthia, Greece

"Chiliomodi 2022"

19th Theatre Summer Camp 2022 
at "Freelandcamp", near Chiliomodi Town, Corinthia, Greece
for teachers, artists, youth facilitators, youth
24-29 August 2022

Language: Greek 

Three years after our last camp together again! It is time to meet again at our Theatrel Summer Camp.

From 24 to 29 August 2022, the Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network (TENet-Gr) will travel to Chiliomodi town near Corinth, Greece, in the wonderful area of ​​Freeland Camp, in a 6,000 acre pine forest

Eperienced artists, teachers, actors, dancers, theatrologists, musicians, visual artists, theater educators and young people will have the opportunity to meet again and converse through theatre and performing arts, recovering the lost field of contact, communication and creation.

The camp includes 5 Main Seminars (one of which will be aimed at young people 18-24 years old), 5 Complementary Workshops, events, screenings, morning exercise / yoga, music, rest and -of course- fun that will end with a farewell party .,

ORGANISATION: Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network (TENet-Gr)
Organisation Committee: Dionyssia Asprogeraka, Eirini Gotsi, Giouli Douvou, Evgenia Zagoura, Dimitris Konetas, Giorgios Bekiaris, Antigoni Tsarbopoulou
Co-ordinator: Evgenia Zagoura

Info: ++302106541600 / info@theatroedu.gr / www.theatroedu.gr


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