Athens International Conference 2018
Theatre/Drama and Performing Arts in Education
Utopia or Necessity?

Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network (TENet-Gr) in the 20th anniversary of its foundation (1998-2018), in partnership with the International Drama/Theatre & Education Association (IDEA) and in collaboration with a number of academic, professional and artistic institutions in Greece and abroad, is organizing the 8th Athens International Conference on Theatre and Performing Arts in Education.

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A night when Karyotakis met Van Gogh

A night when Karyotakis met Van Gogh

Athens, 25/11/2018, Workshop, Maria Kaldi

A night when Karyotakis met Van Gogh

Athens, 25/11/2018

Maria Kaldi, educator, Greek language and literature teacher, Greece

Workshop 2,5 hours
organised by the Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network (TENet-Gr)

Language: Greek

Participants are invited to a fantastic trip, where poet Kostas Karyotakis will meet the artist Vincent Van Gogh. This is a conversation between Karyotakis' poem “Evening” and two significant Van Gogh works, "The Bedroom" and “Starry Night". The goal is that the participants, through theatrical techniques, will step in the place of the two artists, feel how they see the world and get inspired by them, creating their own projects. The poem "Evening", set to music by Lena Platonos, and sang by SavvinaGiannatou, is the starting point for a creative contact between literature, music, painting and theater. Gradually, the participants explore the colors, landscapes, the atmosphere, and the feelings created by two Van Gogh's works and write their own texts, which they liven up theatrically. The group begins seated on the floor in circle and gradually unfolds outward, rises from the floor and forms frozen images that are transformed into theatrical dialogues. The workshop is addressed to theatre practitioners, teachers of all levels and all fields, artists who work in formal and non-formal educational contexts, university students and graduates of Schools of Education, Theatre Studies, Drama, Music, Dance, Media, Visual Arts and facilitators.


Maria (Mary) Kaldi is a Greek Language and Literature teacher. She studied at the Philosophy Department of Ioannina University and she teaches in Secondary Education. She studied piano in the Hellenic Music School. She played the piano in Nicolas Assimos’ band (1983-1986). She has participated in international conferences of Theatre/ Drama in Education, as well as meetings and teacher trainings as a member of Organizing Committees. She was Vice-President of the Hellenic Theatre/Drama& Education Network (2008-2011), member of the Editing committee of the Education & Theatre journal, and she edits TENet-Gr’s Newsletter. She has filmed and edited audiovisual resources from TΕNet-Gr’s projects. She has been involved in extracurricular school programs coordinated by Directorate of Secondary Education of Eastern Attica-Cultural Issues: “Literary workshop”, “Videomuseums” (2009-2015 “Youth DOCs” (2014-2016), during which, in cooperation with K. Alexiadi, she created 2 educational video tutorials on How to create Drama Docs: (How to do it for studentsHow to do it for teachers).