Athens International Conference 2018
Theatre/Drama and Performing Arts in Education
Utopia or Necessity?

Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network (TENet-Gr) in the 20th anniversary of its foundation (1998-2018), in partnership with the International Drama/Theatre & Education Association (IDEA) and in collaboration with a number of academic, professional and artistic institutions in Greece and abroad, is organizing the 8th Athens International Conference on Theatre and Performing Arts in Education.

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(ALL SEATS ARE FILLED) Forum theatre takes Digileap: problem solving in an increasingly digital world

(ALL SEATS ARE FILLED) Forum theatre takes Digileap: problem solving in an increasingly digital world

Athens, 24/11/2018, Workshop, Maria Helstola

Forum theatre takes Digileap: problem solving in an increasingly digital world

Athens, 24/11/2018

Maria Helstola, drama teacher, Finland

2,5 hour workshop
organised by the Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network (TENet-Gr)

Language: English

Forum theatre is a method developed by Brasilian activist and artist Augusto Boal. It is used for solving problems by involving the audience. The method can be applied to students of all ages and can be used on various topics. In this workshop we will use forum theatre in solving real-life problems caused by the digitization of modern communication. One aim is to discuss, reveal and share our problems caused by digitalisation with colleagues. Secondly we will learn the method of forum theatre.After taking part in this workshop the participants will have a clear idea on how to structure a drama session and how to use forum theatre with their own students.The workshop is meant for teachers or anyone interested in forum theatre.


Maria Helstola is a drama teacher and a Finnish language and literature teacher. She started her career a decade ago in Italy teaching English and drama in a private high school. After that she has worked as a teacher of Finnish and drama in secondary school and high school in Finland. She is a board member of Finnish Drama Education Association (FIDEA) and a previous editor of FIDEA-journal (2010-2017). She has edited a collection of articles with a colleague (published 2015) on how to use drama in teaching language and literature. This spring she will publish a book on how to use process drama in teaching literature. The topic of her book is Kalevala, the national epic of Finland. She has delivered several trainings for language teachers on how to use drama in classroom in Finland. She has also delivered workshops for language teachers in Bulgaria (Center for Creative Training, Sofia and Plovdiv).