Logos Programme

"Erasmus plus"

LOGOS: on stage words with meaning

Crooked House Theater Company 
Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network (TENet-Gr)

For 30 participants from Greece and Ireland

Facilitation: Peter Hussey, Georgina Kakoudaki


As part of this year's summer camp we welcome Crooked House Theatre Company from Ireland, which will be conducting a project called LOGOS which involves 15 young Irish and 15 young Greek participants in collaboration with the Hellenic Theatre/Drama Education Network. LOGOS is funded by the Erasmus Plus programme of the European Union. The project brings together the young people to work with each other, and with experienced theatre makers. The aim is to explore how we can use our theatre making skills to address social and political issues that concern us.


LOGOS: on stage words with meaning

 In this Erasmus+ funded project between Irish and Greek young theatre makers we will explore how theatre-making can address contemporary issues that have impact on our society.  The participants will work with Irish artist, Peter Hussey, and Greek artist Georgina Kakoudaki, to discover several ways of devising theatre and reinventing the words for the stage, that will lead to a collective theatre piece at the end of the week.


Logos - Calendar

LOGOS: on stage words with meaning

Pelion Greece, 25-31/8/2019, Erasmus seminar, Peter Hussey, Georgina Kakoudaki


Crooked House Theater Company Ireland  (Co-ordinator)
Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network (TENet-Gr) - Greece

Facilitators: Peter Hussey, Georgina Kakoudaki

First implementation: Theatre Summer Camp "Pelion Greece 2019"

EU Programme: Erasmus+ 2019-2- Ε01-ΚΑ105-051600
Call Year: 2019