an awareness raising project, targeting the educational community, on human rights and refugee issues
using experiential learning, theatre and educational drama techniques.


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Under the “it could be me – it could be you” project, the Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network (TENet-Gr) in association with UNHCR Greece (UN Agency for Refugees) are organizing a series of  short or long term training seminars and workshops, for primary and secondary education teachers and students, youth facilitators/trainers, local humanitarian groups and members of the local community (human rights organizations, parents’ unions, local municipality officials, teachers’ unions et al.) 



The seminars use theatre, educational drama and play-through-theatre techniques, are based on educational material created by the Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network (TENet-Gr), UNHCR Greece and other organisations, and address issues of human rights, acceptance of the "other", interculturalism, citizenship, fight of racism and xenophobia,  et al.

The seminars also include the role play “Passages” and the books “Monologues across the Aegean Sea” and “Skliro Karydi”.


All seminars are free of charge and are delivered by trained and authorised drama pedagogues and facilitators.

Priority will be given to the members of the Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network (TENet-Gr)


Teacher training seminars and workshops

«κι αν ήσουν εσύ;» - στόχοι, μεθοδολογία, δράσεις - Τεχνικές θεάτρου και βιωματικής μάθησης για τα ανθρώπινα δικαιώματα και για θέματα προσφύγων

Διαδικτυακά, 10/10/2023 Σεμινάρια για εκπαιδευτικούς, Νίκος Γκόβας, Κατερίνα Αλεξιάδη, Χριστίνα Ζώνιου, Χριστίνα Κρίθαρη, Γιώργος Μπεκιάρης, Αντιγόνη Τσαρμποπούλου

«Βιωματική μάθηση με τη μέθοδο Εκπαιδευτικού Δράματος»

Διαδικτυακά, 3/11/2022 17:00-20:00, Σεμινάρια για εκπαιδευτικούς, Άβρα Αυδή, Μελίνα Χατζηγεωργίου

Πατάμε γερά! – εισαγωγή στα δικαιώματα. Η στάση μας απέναντι στον ρατσισμό

Διαδικτυακά, 13/10/2022, σεμινάρια για εκπαιδευτικούς, Γιώργος Μόσχος

Recording critical glances on youth culture - The YouthDOCs & Videomuseums projects

Ag. Ioannis Piliou, 27/8/2019, Complementary Workshop, Nikos Govas, Christina Zoniou, Mary Kaldi

The story of us / Document Theatre -  documenting one's self

Ag. Ioannis Piliou, 26-27/8/2019, Complementary workshop, Georgina Kakoudaki

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