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Event date: 8/23/2008 12:00 AM - 8/29/2008 12:30 AM Export event

2008 7th Theatre Summer Camp - Spetses isl., Greece

Spetses, 23-29/8/2008

Spetses , 23-29 August 2008
7th Theatre Summer Camp - Spetses isl., Greece 2008

"Investigating roles & scenes from life and theatre"
Dorothy HeathcoteDimitris Kataleifos, Maria Zannetou-PapakostaKoldo Vío, Maria Leonida, Nikos Theodosiou

7th Theatre Summer Camp - Spetses isl., Greece 2008
"Investigating roles & scenes from life and theatre"
Spetses, 23-29 August 2008

SPETSES-2008-best-2_sBetween 23-29 August 2008 Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network (TENet-Gr) is hosting in Spetses island for the 7th year in a row a Theatre Summer Camp - Seminar titled "Investigating roles & scenes from life and theatre". In the campus of Anargyreos & Korgialeneios School of Spetses, next to the sea, under the guidance of experienced artist-teachers, educators of all grades, actors, theatre studies experts and university students will have the chance to investigate the multiple functions of theatre as a workshop for artistic creating and learning. The summer camp - seminar includes experiential workshops, exercise, swimming, rest and - naturally - entertainment. In the last evening the outcomes of the workshops will be presented and a farewell party will follow.

FACILITATORS-SPEAKERS:  Dorothy Heathcote, drama teacher, Dimitris Kataleifos, actor, director, Maria Zannetou-Papakosta, drama teacher, Koldo Vío, actor, clown, pedagogue,  Maria Leonida, film director,  Nikos Theodosiou, film director

SEMINAR'S ORGANIZATIONAL COMMITTEE: Dionysia Asprogeraka, Eleni Marra, Paschalia Michalopoulou, Iro Potamousi

Publication editor: Mary Kaldi

SCHEDULE: Arrival-registration-settling in: Saturday 23/8/2008, 12.00-16.30. Departure: Ftiday 29/8/2008, bfeore 11.00 

OTHER EVENTS Alongside the summer camp, projections of student films from Greek and International Festivals will take place, at "Stars Cinema" at the Schools... yard! A discussion will follow with the subject "Education & Audiovisual learning"

WHAT WE CAN BRING: The participants in the workshops may bring and exhibit writing material, photographs or other material from their activities in a specially designed space at the front desk. Films on DVD that are made with or without the participation of students are also welcome. Moreover, anyone who is involved with music can bring a musical instrument for impromptu musical evenings outdoors.

Location: Anargyreos & Korgialeneios School of Spetses, 1km from the port.

ACCOMMODATION: 6 nights in rooms of the School and lunch in its cafeteria (recommended) or in hotels/pensions outside the School.

SUMMER CAMP - SEMINAR SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE: Dorothy Heathcote, Tzeni Karaviti, Dimitris Kataleifos, Maria Papakosta, Koldo Vio

Workshop 1: "The classroom as a workshop: making use of theatre/drama systems in education", Dorothy Heathcote, drama teacher, partner: Maria Zannetou-Papakosta, drama teacher

Workshop 2: "Eight steps to self-realizationDimitris Kataleifos, actor, director

Workshop 3: "The clown art for everyone", Koldo Vío, actor, clown, pedagogue

Workshop 4: "Say it with a camera: Audiovisual Workshop" Maria Leonida, film director,  Nikos Theodosiou, film director