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Event date: 9/6/2013 12:00 AM - 9/8/2013 12:30 AM Export event

2013 Theatre of the Oppressed Summer Camp - Evia

Agia Anna, Evia island, Greece, 6-8/9/2013

Agia Anna, Evia island, Greece 6-8 of September 2013
1st Summer Camp for Theatre of the Oppressed groups
"Come join us... Forumally" 2013

"Come join us... Forumally"

1st Panhellenic Gathering/Summer Camp for Theatre of the Oppressed groups
Oasis Village Camping, Agia Anna, Evia island, Greece 6-8 of September 2013


For the first time in Greece, the National Gathering for Theatre of the Oppressed groups is taking place on 6-8 of September 2013 at Oasis Village Camping, Agia Anna, Evia island, titled "Come join us... Forumally". The invitation was made by the "Activist Group of the Theatre of the Oppressed" and "Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network", both being the gathering's hosts. Among the invitees were groups of artists, educators, activists, social workers and therapists who use techniques from the Theatre of the Oppressed and particularly Forum Theatre. Some groups use the method as a tool for activism aimed toward social change and others are active in the field of education. Friends and observers were also there, whose presence was deemed necessary so that observations be made by adepts at the method.

Five groups participated with Forum Theatre plays:
a) Activist Group of the Theatre of the Oppressed, b) Escapes Group of the Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network, c) PAiTHeA Group - Patras, d) Theatre of the Oppressed Group of Trikala, e) Listeners' Group of the Department of Theatre Studies, University of the Peloponnese and members of Theatrodromio Association - Nafplion.

The gathering took place in order to:
share experiences, knowledge and opinions among professionals, users and observers
explore the limits of the technique
pose questions on the method of the Theatre of the Oppressed and especially Forum Theatre
investigate the potential collaborations between groups already active with Forum Theatre plays

The gathering's programme: The gathering started with the groups' members but also the other guests getting acquainted with each other through various games. The groups' members then discussed about their expectations for the gathering. Special mention was given on the difficulties each group faces on the creation of Forum Theatre plays as well as the ways to apply them in the spaces where they are active. On the following days of the gathering, each group presented their play in front of the guest audience. At the end of every play an extensive discussion followed about the themes negotiated by the play but also the possible improvements on the story. The evenings had the participants watch videos from relevant Forum Theatre actions which could not be presented in the gathering. The gathering closed with a small review and the promise of a reprise.

OSMOSI – Osmosis-Centre for the Arts and Intercultural Education www.osmosis-intercultural.gr
Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network
Organization: Gianna Papadopoulou and Melina Plasti


Friday 6/9/13

Arrival, until 7pm
7 pm: Gathering of facilitators-organizers
8-10 pm: Video projection"No to racism from the Cradle" - Osmosis & Union of African Women, "The seismic fault" - Theatre of the Oppressed Group of Trikala
10pm - … Dinner - free schedule

Saturday 7/9/13
10am-12m: Gathering, acquaintance, collection of queries/expectations/goals, work in subgroups.
Coordination: Nikos Govas, Christina Zoniou, Nagia Boemi, Christina Krithari, Giorgos Bekiaris
12.15pm -2.15pm Scenario 1: "Escapes" - Escapes Drama Pedagogy Group. Discussion.
Coordination: Nikos Govas
2.15pm-5pm Break
5pm-7pm Scenario 2: "I am not afraid... I have friends, you?"  Drama Pedagogy Group PAiTHeA - Patras. Discussion.
Coordination: Giorgos Bekiaris
7.15pm-9.15pm Scenario 3: "Thirty leaving" - Theatre of the Oppressed Group of Trikala. Discussion. Coordination: Christina Krithari
9.15pm.-… Dinner - free schedule

Sunday 8/9/13
10am-12m Scenario 4: "Are we Bowling or Bullying" - Department of Theatre Studies, Theatrodromio Association - Nafplion. Discussion.
Coordination: Christina Zoniou & Sofia Aslanidou
12.15pm-2.15pm Scenarios 5 & 6: "Small scenes of daily violence Ι & ΙΙ» - Activist Group of the Theatre of the Oppressed Athens. Discussion.
Coordination: Christina Zoniou & Nagia Boemi
2.15pm- 3.30pm Break
3.30pm-6pm Final discussion on specific issues – questions, work in subgroups:
Coordination: Nikos Govas, Christina Zoniou, Nagia Boemi, Christina Krithari, Giorgos Bekiaris
6.00pm: Gathering of facilitators-organizers. Short review
6.30pm Departures

Sep, 2013

«Παίζουμε Bowling ή Bullying»

Άγια Άννα Εύβοιας, 8/9/2013, Παράσταση Εύβοια 2013, Ομάδα ακροατών του Τμήματος Θεατρικών Σπουδών Παν/μίου Πελοποννήσου, Σύλλογος Θεατροδρόμιο // 10:00