Athens International Conference 2018
Theatre/Drama and Performing Arts in Education
Utopia or Necessity?

Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network (TENet-Gr) in the 20th anniversary of its foundation (1998-2018), in partnership with the International Drama/Theatre & Education Association (IDEA) and in collaboration with a number of academic, professional and artistic institutions in Greece and abroad, is organizing the 8th Athens International Conference on Theatre and Performing Arts in Education.

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(ALL SEATS ARE FILLED) The importance of untold stories

(ALL SEATS ARE FILLED) The importance of untold stories

Athens, 24/11/2018, Workshop, Aristea Stafylaraki, Charalampos Kremmydas

The importance of untold stories

Athens, 24/11/2018

Aristea Stafylaraki, actress, theatre theoretician, Greece
Charalampos Kremmydas, actor, theatre manager and producer, Greece

Workshop 2,5 hours
The workshop hours are 3:00pm-5:30pm, according to the timetable.

organised by the Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network (TENet-Gr) 

Language: Greek

“Do not speculate, try to listen” is one of our core values. Fast paced everyday life renders us to automatically categorize individuals in order to avoid intimacy. As a result, we draw inaccurate conclusions as we tend to use terms to describe other people based on their external characteristics. In other words, we may label a person without really knowing their life story. Our goal is to unravel the journey of a story until it reaches its final recipient. We would like to investigate different ways and techniques in order to reproduce information. Our ambition is to “expand the time” and realize if the labels and the categorizations we may create are related to reality.  Can we share a personal story? Are we courageous enough to let our story travel and watch it transform into something else? Is this a way to teach children and teenagers how to accept diversity, be patient, and use the tool of self-criticism in their favor? Is it possible to create a school performance   based on students’ personal stories and not on a theatrical script? These questions motivated us to conceptualize the idea of this seminar in order improve the communication between teachers and students. The workshop is addressed to teachers of primary, secondary or higher education, theatre theoreticians, artists, theater educators and students of theatre/music/ visual arts. 


Aristea Stafylaraki is a graduate of National & Kapodistrian University of Athens School of Philosophy - faculty of Theater Studies (2008) and Drama School of the Conservatory of Athens (2011). She is a founding member of 4frontal theatre group. As an actress she has performed in “Mis@nthopos” (4Frontal), “Sofia Laskaridou: a Great love story” (dir. PantelisDentakis), “Which boby?” (dir. Menelaos Karatzas), “Family In-Out” (4frontal), “Mr Cunt” (dir. Pantelis Dentakis) and more. From 2012-2016 she worked on teenager’s theatre, participating at the performances “A midsummer night's dream –because everything is possible”, “Faust –me in this world” and “Antigone” directed by the theatre educator and dramatologist Georgina Kakoudaki. Aristea has also participated in Onassis’ cultural center educational programs “Say it with a story” and “Onassis Youth Festival 2018”. She has been chosen to be part of the 4th World Wide Lab in Syros Island by Ioli Andreadi and followed Simos Kakalas’ seminar: “Performing with the medieval Greek poem Apokopos by Bergadis”.


Charalampos (Charis) Kremmydas graduated from the Drama School of the Conservatory of Athens in 2011. He also studied at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Geology and Geo-environmental studies) and he has Master of Arts from New York University in Performing Arts Administration. Charalampos is also a founding member of 4Frontal theatre group. He worked at the following organizations in New York: Atlantic Theater Company, Drama League and MCC Theatre (artistic, management and marketing departments). He worked as an actor at the following productions: «Mis@nthropos» (4Frontal), «You’re an animal, Viskovitz» (Abovo-4Frontal),”Cavafy” (dir. Rachel Chavkin), «Ubu the King» (4Frontal), «The Dot» (dir. Dimitris Bogdanos), «Soft Somebody’s coming» (4Frontal), ”Spring Xpress” (4Frontal), «GAM» (dir. Dimitris Bogdanos). He also participated as an assistant Director at the following productions «The Lover» και “Woman Without Men” (dir. Artemis Ignatiou) «Family In-Out», «The Raise» (dir. Thanasis Zeritis), «GAM» (dir. Dimitris Bogdanos).