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The art of stage synthesis

Pilio, Greece 26/8-1/9/2018 Maria Aiginitou, actress

Theatre Summer Camp – Pilio 2018, Greece
26/8-1/9/2018, Agios Ioannis Beach Pilio Greece
Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network  (TENet-Gr) (



The art of stage synthesis
Maria Aiginitou, actress

Language: Greek


In this workshop, through a series of exercises and games, our body and mind will be relieved from their daily routine.  We will activate our body and our voice, so as to be able to express ourselves freely and creatively, using our imagination. Through improvisation, we will understand how we can build relationships and operate as a team.

Using the power of literature ( stories, poems, diaries, letters and theatrical plays of older and contemporary Greek authors ) we will  give life to our heroes, focusing on female voices.

The purpose of this workshop is to help us realize  how every text can serve theater, by creating short stage syntheses.


Maria Aiginitou is a Greek actress and director. She is a graduate of  “Jenny Karezi” Theatre Drama School and she has attended a postgraduate diploma course in acting and directing at the Experimental Stage of the Greek National Theatre. She has also attended acting and directing seminars conducted by Nikita Milivojevic, Anatoly Vasiliev, Irina Promptova (G.I.T.I.S), Roberta Carreri (Odin Teatret), Vassilis Papavassiliou. As an actress she has participated in a variety of performances in collaboration with S. Livathinos, K. Kazakos, Y. Markopoulou, N. Foskolou, Urban Theatre, A. Troupakis, L. Meleme, V. Andreou, and A. Flourakis. Maria Aiginitou has adapted and presented (2015-2018), in a theatrical form, various novels of contemporary Greek authors, with issues of Modern Greek History in the 20th century, the civil war in Greece, the role of women in Greek society during the 20th century, the confrontation of modern people with the loss of hope, cynicism and desperation, as well as with the darkness of human existence and the fight to keep hope alive.


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