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Athens, 19-22 November 2018, Master Workshop "Rainbow of Desires"
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GAZA theatre destroyed in a bomb strike

9 August 2018 Gaza theatre and cultural centre Al Mishal Theatre
 was bombardised and destroyed in an air strike READ here και here.
Iman Aoun, Artistic Director of ASHTAR THEATRE, send this message: "I was trying to think strait since the trauma of bombarding the theatre took place on Thursday August 9, and was not able to think fast of an action plan. Now I’m ready to ask our dear international friends to act: 
1) Please write to your government representatives, that it is time to take measurements and condemn Israel for its atrocities against the people in Gaza. 
2) Dedicate public performances to the sake of the theatre movement in Gaza, this will raise the awareness of your public,about what has and is happening.
3) Put a bucket at the entrance of your performancesfor the people to donate towards renting a new space for ASHTAR Theatre Group in Gaza to continue their performances. 
4) Support the crowd funding of rebuilding the theatre once it kicks off. Unfortunately though, the law of the occupation, demands that we obtain a permission from the Israeli military to allow us rebuild the bombarded theatre. So until we get that permission if we ever get it we cannot rebuild the theatre. 
Solidarity makes us more humane

School festivals in Greece bring young voices together against discrimination
21 March 2018
School Festivals take place in a number of cities in Greece this week to mark
the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.
All events are organised by the Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network (TENet-Gr) and UNHCR as part of the “It could be me – It could be you Project which is accredited by IDEA
More than 1,000 primary and secondary students, including refugee children, in 46 schools around Greece will showcase their drama and arts skills in a series of festivals this month to mark International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

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"It could be me - It could be you"
an awareness raising project using theatre/drama techniques
on human rights and refugee issues
Student Worskhsops & Festivals, Teacher Training Seminars

Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network (TENet-Gr)
in collaboration with UNHCR Greece
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Hope comes with solidarity
(photo by Giannis Behrakis, Lesvos Isl, Greece 2015)



13th Theatre Summer Camp - Pelion 2014
26-30 August 2014
Ag Ioannis beach, Mt Pelion, Greece

" sculpturing our dreams – transforming our realities:
tranformation through theatre”


Education & Theatre Journal
Issue 16 (May 2015)
Special Edition: Theatre of the Oppressed
(published in Greek)

“The multicolored immigration of the butterfly”

theatre education workshop and forum theatre play


"Education & Theatre Journal" Issue 14, March 2013 (special edition on anti-racist education, bulling amd human rights)
Published in Greek